About UMTV

UMTV Control Room Welcome to UMTV, the cable television operation of the University of Maryland.

The idea behind UMTV is simple: We want to give Marylanders the type of high-quality, intellectually stimulating, culturally diverse programming that a major research university can provide.

We hope UMTV can serve as an important resource for viewers who want more from television than trash talk shows, sensationalized programs masquerading as news, mindless sitcoms and silly quiz shows. We call this new endeavor "Smart Television."

And we know it's not for everyone. But as a public institution, we are not profit-driven, and therefore do not have to produce programming that maximizes viewership at all costs. Our aim is to provide intellectually stimulating programming which can serve as an alternative to commercial television for our 400,000 potential viewing households in Prince George's and Montgomery counties.

Viewers seeking an alternative to the blood-and-guts reporting on commercial TV news can tune into newscasts such as the nightly BBC World News or international programming, which provides in-depth reporting and analysis of global issues from WorldLink TV and the prestigious British Broadcasting Co. And those seeking regional news can watch Maryland Newsline, a nightly newscast covering major stories from Annapolis and around the state. The Society of Professional Journalists named Maryland Newsline the nation's best college-produced daily newscast.

Top professors and researchers from the University are producing original programming. Dr. Lee Thornton hosts A Moment With..., featuring one-on-one interviews with some of the most important journalism figures of the day. Dr. Andrew Wolvin anchors Researching Maryland, which explores cutting-edge research from top professors and programs on the College Park campus.

UMTV viewers also can see programming from around the country. Shows from the Research Channel highlights programming from other top-flight research universities. And UMTV regularly features shows from PBS on the arts, sciences and public affairs.

More changes will be seen in the coming months as our production team continues to develop new shows from College Park as well as acquiring other shows from around the globe. To see weekly program guides and keep up to date on new shows, please go to

We hope you'll like our idea of Smart Television. Please let us know what you think by writing us at